History of Indian Key
Transfer of Navy from Tea Table Key to Indian Key
By Jerry Wilkinson
- Letter -

[NA:ND, SN Offs. Lets.: LS]

U.S. Schr Flirt KEY BISCAYANO, August 11, 1840

SIR; Capt Housman the Proprietor of Indian Key, having called upon me for a Garrison for the Island, I entered into arrangements with him for the cession of the whole Key to the United States, except a small portion of it, for his Store and dwelling. This arrangement cedes the Key to the United States, for a Military Post, during the continuance of the Florida War, or for so long as the United States may think proper to hold it for that purpose, during the continuance of the war.
The Key being thus placed under Military control exclusively, I have ordered the removal of my Hospital and depot from Tea Table Key thereto. Abundance of water, with good wharves and storage in three outhouses, which escaped the flames, have been the inducement to make this transfer, whilst at the same time it saves me the necessity of further dividing my small force to furnish another garrison for this place.
I have the honor to enclose you a copy of the arrangement entered into, with Capt Housman.
Respectfully, Sir, I have the honor to be,
       John T. McLaughlin; Comdt:

The Hon. J. K. Paulding
 Secretary of the Navy Washington D.C.

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