Post 1935 Hurricane Sworn Statements  - Index
 - By Jerry Wilkinson -
Compilation date = June 12, 2010

       I have about 75 copies of sworn and non sworn interviews made after the 1935 Hurricane. This hurricane was a national incident involving federal, state and local entities along with the private Florida East Coast Railway which had been in bankruptcy in 1932. All these entities at a minimum had to do major internal investigations. The political ones went outside to citizens. To complicate things was the Great Depression, impending reelection of FDR and Miami had three major newspapers in competition with each other.
      Much data was collected in preparation for submission/use in a forthcoming Congressional Inquiry. The National Archives is the source for the sworn statements.  External investigations were by some, but only a few have been located. Known external investigations were made by the Florida State Attorney, George Worley. Harry Hopkins sent Aubrey Williams and George Ejams with assistant John J. Apt  to make the WPA investigations. I understand that the American Legion made an inquiry but to date I have never found an copies. Probably, more is not known than known of this subject. Anyway, many people did the actual questioning and I include a few here.
       It was natural that each investigator represented his employer interests and asked questions to defend their agencies. I have considered shortening the wording because of their length, often repeated subjects, and and leading questions, but for now they are in their entireties including errors. I italicized the answers of most for sake of easier reading and following the interview.  I also included the page numbers stamped at the bottom of each page.
        Some of these  records are found in RG 15, Entry 20A, box I-8, National Record Center, College Park, MD.
  Others are in RG-15, Box 5. Another important source is the Harry L. Hopkins Papers, Group 24, Federal Relief Agency, Box 56 - Florida, Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library, Hyde Park, New York.
        I have added a stamped page number of each page I typed from. I am not certain if the National Archive added them, or if these were original page numbers. Abbreviations used are Q = Question and A = Answer. My inserted comments are in [ ]'s.
John A. Russell, a homestead family,  statement,  Click here.
Edney B. Parker,
a homestead family, statement, Click here.
Dr. Lassiter Alexander, Assistant doctor of Camp hospital, statement, Click here.
Capt. Ed Butters, Owner/operator of the Matecumbe Hotel, statement, Click here.

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