General History of Indian Key
Affidavit of William H. Fletcher
By Jerry Wilkinson
   (The below affidavit is taken from deed book B, page 171, date November 26, 1834 and filed April 11, 1835. J. W.)
       "Recitals and Conditions: I, William H[owe]. Fletcher, of lawful age, being sworn do depose say that in April 1824, my father, Silas Fletcher, settled on Indian Key in the employ of Snyder and Appleby to sell goods for them on commission to build a store for said firm. By consent of Cap. Appleby, one of said firm of Snyder and Appleby my father employed Joseph Prince, to assist him in building said store & selling goods.
       In February 1825 with the residue of the family I went to Indian Key into a house built by my father. Previous to this, as I was informed, my father & Mr. Prince had bought of Snyder and Appleby all the goods and merchandise on Indian Key belonging to said firm.
        In the spring of 1825 my father purchased all of said Prince property at Indian Key.
        Joseph Prince was not married, had no family & boarded with my father till he sold out and left the coast of Florida, which was in the spring of 1825 & did not return till January 1826. He again boarded at my father's from February 1826 until he built a store.
       During the absence of Mr. Prince in 1825, my father bought the store & all improvements on & right & title to Indian Key claimed by or belonging to the said firm of Snyder & Appleby. And continued to reside on said Key in quiet & peaceable possession, cultivated, enclosed, & improved land & erected buildings thereon, until some time in 1828 when he sold & conveyed his improvements on right & title, interest & claim in & to Indian Key, to Thomas Gibson.
                                 /s/ William H. Fletcher
Sworn to & subscribed before me this 26th day of November, 1834 at Indian Key.
       /s/ H. S. Waterhouse, J. P.
       Recorded April 11th 1835
                    Joseph A. Thouron, Clerk of Cty. Court.
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