General History of Indian Key
By Jerry Wilkinson

     The method used here is that generations are aligned vertically, so that those aligned below a family are brothers and/or sisters. Each younger generation is indented to the right. Brothers and sisters wil align vertically below the parents; and so will uncles and aunts separated by the families of each. They are necessarily listed in the order of their age.  I do not repeat the surnames, but underlined male surnames indicate a marriage that customarily changes the surname of the wife and children. Numbers in ( ) indicates multiple marriages (Caution as this can be confusing. Contrary to modern opinion, there were frequent multiple marriages.)
      For example, Daniel Perrin was the grandfather of  Dr. Perrine and Peter and Sarah were his parents. Sarah, Hester and Henry Jr. were his children. Clara Rodgers (note name change) was Dr. Perrine's grandaughter. They are not all this simple.
      Disclaimer: I offer little assurance of the correctness and no assurance of completness.
      Different browsers may misalign the lists. The first child of each family is numbered 1; therefore, there should never be two numbers 1's aligned vertically one under the other
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  1.Henry Perrine family
 2. Jacob Housman family
 3. Lt. John McLaughlin family
 4. Charles Howe family 
 5. Silas Fletcher family 
 6. The Goodyear family 
 7. The William Bethel family 

- Genealogy of Henry Perrine -

Henry E. Perrine was born April 15, 1797 at Cranbury, New Jersey. As a young man he taught school in Rockyhill, N.J. He studied medicine and received his M.D. degree in Philadelphia and practiced medicine for five years in Bond County, Illinois. He died on Indian Key August 7, 1840.
1. Daniel Perrin(e)
      1. Peter m. Sarah Rozengrant
           1. Dr. Henry Edward Perrine m.(1-8-1822) Ann Fuller Townsend (1802 - 1876)
                1. Sarah Ann (3-24-1823) m. (9-21-1844) Carter H. Rogers
                             1. Clara m. Robert Dunbar Radcliffe
                2. Hester Maria Smith(7-21-1824) m. (10-13-1846) James E. Walker
                           1. Sarah Walker m. Palmer
                 3. Henry Edward Jr. (3-20-1827) m. (1852) Cordelia Hall

- - - - - - 
- Genealogy of Abraham P. Housman -
Abraham Housman was probably of Dutch origin and thought to be an oyster fisherman in the Staten Island, N.Y. area.
1. Abraham Housman (d 10-31-1859) m. Mary Mersereau 
      1.  Abraham, Jr. 
      2.  George W. 
      3. Lania
      4. Nancy Ann m. (2-4-1818) William Thomas Gibson (d. 10-31-1870) 
               1. Abraham Housman Gibson 
               2. George Housman Gibson 
               3. Jacob Housman Gibson 
      5. Elizabeth Rorke 
      6. Mary Bodine 
      7. Matilda 
      8. Caroline 
      9. Jacob m. Elizabeth Ann ____
- - - - - - -
- Genealogy of Lt. John Thomas McLaughlin -
1. Gen. William McLaughlin m. (6-16-1809) Sydney Ravely Norris
       1.  Benjamin Norris m. Fanny Rundle Heath
       2. John Thomas (b. 4-7-1812) m. (9-15-1840) Salvadora Meade
             1. Richard Meade, stillborn
             2. Salvadora b. 5-20-1844 m. Philip Van R. Van Wyck
             3. Margaret Butler b. 12-2-1845 m. Richard M. Cornell
      3.  Mary Jane 
      4. Eliza Glendy m. Morgan Lewis Ogden
      5. Matthew McLaughlin, Jr.
- - - - - - - - - 
- Genealogy of Charles Howe -
Charles How(e) Sr. of Massachusetts came to Duck Key in 1828 with his first wife Ann Cole and moved to Indian Key in about 1832 (Charles may have moved as early as 1829). Charles Howe Sr. married four times and he built the house where Dr. Perrine lived on Indian Key. Moved to Key West about 1842 where he was the Collector of Customs. His death is registered in Hadley, Mass. in 1873.

1. Isaac How (sic) m. (5-16-1776) Hannah Fay
        1 . Sarah
         2.Silas m. Sarah Smith Fuller
         6.Issac Jr.
       11. Charles Howe Sr. (8-12-1801) m. (1) (4-20-1825) Ann Cole [Some records show Jacob as his father??]
                1.  Sarah Ann
                2. Edward Cole (6-3-1831 to 3-10-1880)
                3. Charles Jr. m. {1}(9-20-1852) Mary Ann Johnson of Duck Key
                                  Jr. m. {2}(8-28-1866) Julia Blogett Gates of Hadley, Mass.
        Sr. m. (2) (12-24 -1834) Abigail Fletcher Talbert at Indian Key
                   1. Albert Fletcher 
                   2. Amelia m. Horatio Crain in Key West
                   3. William Fletcher
                   4. Annie Marie m. J. P. S. Gobin
                   5. Henry Perrine Fletcher  (1843 -1844)
        Sr. m. (3) (11-13-1847) Eliza Brightman died 11 -13-1853
        Sr. m. (4) (11-7-1854) Julia Ann Smith Blodget

- - - - - - - -
- Genealogy of Silas Fletcher -

        Silas m. Avis Franklin Phelps (her second marriage) in 1795 and moved to Knight's Key. Silas moved to Indian Key about 1824 to build a store for Snyder and Appleby. In February 1825 his wife Avis, son William and daughter Abigal joined him on Indian Key.
1. Ebenezer Fletcher (MD) m. Hannah H. Morton
       1. Cotton Fletcher m. Thankful ?
              1.  Silas Fletcher m. (1795) Avis Franklin (Moved to Knight's Key from Louisiana)
                   1. William Howe Fletcher Sr. m. Malinda B. Powell
                   2. Abigail Fletcher m. (1) (1820) William Talbert
                                                    m. (2) (1834) Charles Howe (His second wife)
                               1. Annie M. Howe m. J. P.S.  Gobin
                               2. Henry Perrine Fletcher Howe (1843-1844) 

- - - - - - - -
- Genealogy of the "Goodyear" family -
Theophilus m. Sarah Munson
         *Amasa (b. 6/1/1772 d. 8/19/1841) m. (3/13/1799) Cynthia Bateman (b. 1782)
                  **1. Charles (b. 12/29/1800 d. 7/1/1860) m. Clarissa Beecher
                ***2. Henry Bateman (b. 1802) m. 
                      3. Robert (b. 1803) m. 
                      4. Harriet (b. 1804) m. Josiah Shelton Hard Tomlinson
                      5. Nelson (b. 1806) m. 
              ****6. Amasa Munson (b. 1814 d. 7/1841) m. (1/31/1836) Malinda Hine (d. 7/18/41)
                                1. Harriet (b. 1838 d. 7/15/1841)
Goodyear family notes:
Over a short period of time there were five Goodyear's family members on Indian Key.
*Amasa Goodyear, Senior, was the inventor of farm tools such as the steel pronged pitchfork and manufacturer of pearl and metal buttons. 
** Note: Although in the family, Charles Goodyear was the inventor and patent holder of vulcanization of rubber and was not on Indian Key.
***Henry Bateman Goodyear was a clerk for Jacob Housman
****Amasa Munson, Malinda and Harriet  Goodyear arrived on Indian Key December 15, 1840. I am not certain when Amasa Sr. and Henry Bateman arrived. - JW
- - - - - - - - - 

- Genealogy of William H. Bethel - 

     Not much is known of William H. Bethel's genealogy; however, he was associated with Indian Key for some time. He is shown in the 1840 Dade County census; however, the census before 1850 only depicts the head of the family's name. The 1850 census shows a William Bethel, age 54, in Key West and another William Bethel, age 83 in Dade County. The Dade County 83 year old  Bethel could have been his father or uncle as his wife was Mary Ann and the Bethel below had a daughter named Mary A. To err on the cautious side, I will use the 1860 census which specifically states Indian Key. The 1870 Indian Key census confirms this except it shows a son, James R., age 21, carpenter.
1. William H. Bethel (age 50) m. Caroline (age 45)
       1. William A. (age 20)
       2. Mary A. (age 16)
       3. Franklin (age 11)

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