General History of Indian Key
Perrine Family Thank You Card
By Jerry Wilkinson
      The following appeared in "THE NEWS" published in St. Augustine, Florida on August 21, 1840. Copy obtained from the Library of Congress.
       "A Card
"ST. AUGUSTINE, August 21st, 1840
       "It is with feeling of the deepest gratitude that Mrs. Henry Perrine and family would acknowledge the kindness and attentions received at the hands of their hospitable host, (Mr. Oates,) and to those citizens of St. Augustine who have so kindly and liberally contributed to their present necessities, in their deep distress, when their natural provider and protector was torn from them by the ruthless hand of the savage. To the ladies, especially, would return sincere thanks, may the peace of Heaven rest upon their labors of love, and the sunshine of peace and prosperity soon dawn upon this devoted Territory."
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