History of Walker's Key
By Jerry Wilkinson
  The author has very little documented or historical information of Walker's Key, also known as Little Conch Key. The first mention he finds of the use of the name Conch Keys is by F. W. Gerdes in his Reconnaissance of the Florida Reefs and All the Keys in 1849. His quote is "The first islands between Duck Key and Viper Id. [Long Key] are named Conch Keys." No doubt this included Walker's Key, or Little Conch Key, which is the smaller Key farther west and shown more or less in the center. It was about three (3) acres of size. For a better chart of its location,  Click Here. 
Today's Walker's Island is shown above. Four extra acres and a causeway have been added. The island is about 100 yards oceanside of the highway at about MM 62.2.
Walker's Island remained public domain until 1946 when the state put it up for sale. Paul Walker purchased it for $6,000 and barged a cottage over for a starter home. The Walkers used it as a weekend place until 1951 when he made it his full time residence. Above is a newspaper clipping photo of the Walker's and man's best friend.
Walker built five cottages to rent and water pipeline shown above. His guests parked on the highway and were ferried to and from the island with a barge made of 48 steel drums powered by an outboard motor. Later, a causeway with a more permanent water line and electric power were added. Hurricanes Donna in 1960 and Betsy in 1965 washed out the causeway. 
Additional information about Walker's Key is sought.  I  do note that J. P. Walker and a Gregory Pappas are in the 1964 phone book and listed under Marathon. For an address, Walker is listed as "Walker's Island"  and Pappas  "Little Conch Key."
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