- By Jerry Wilkinson -

   Compilation date = June 10, 2010

       List of WW-1 Veterans surviving the 1935 Hurricanes continued.
The 'C or A number' is NOT their Army serial number and are numbers used by the Veterans Administration.. "A" = an Adjusted Service Claim Number. "C" = the V.A. Claim number for survivors. "XC" = V.A. Claim number for deceased.  I am not certain what the "S" and "T" numbers indicate.

Last names O to Z:
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Method of  identification  
C or A number
O'Brier, Lawrence Joseph Fingerprinted C-1195510
O'Donnell, Lorey       do          C-1979467
Oswold, Robert Davis       do          C-1122845
Parker, Willard M.       do          C-2128058
Parkinson, Tom G.       do          C-1852644
Parks, Claude Williamson       do          C-1687044
Pawn, Albert       do          A-3060614
Pearlman, Joseph Correspondence A-111523
Perback, Mathew Fingerprinted A-3131183
Perdue, Samuel A.       do          A-3949136
Perry, Cornelius       do          C-2027493
Petross, Austin       do          A-612013
Pfister, Andrew John       do          A-3267598
Phillips, C.M.       do          A-2785708
Pitman, Mallie K       do          C-1995377
Pope, Clay H.       do          blank
Postell, Gay Marion       do          C-1331361
Prentiss, Guy W.       do          C-2262208
Preston, Robert E. Correspondence C-1173607
Pugh, Paul Fingerprinted  blank
Quinn, John Henry       do          C-1884170
Raines, Grover C.       do          C-2006397
Raley, Walter E. Correspondence A-1498169
Rembowski, Adam Fingerprinted C-1584926
Rice, Walter R.       do          C-1590070
Richard, Edgar James       do          C-1450386
Riddell, Lewis       do          A-4627529
Riley, John Joseph       do          A-4435046
Riley, Tunner Young F.E.R.A. report A-4519006
Ringer, James V. Fingerprinted C-2137352
Ritchie, Edward Charles       do          A-3514884
Roach, Earl       do          C-1782706
Robinson, Harrison G.       do          A-2470429
Rodgers, Edmund Patrick       do          C-2044147
Romanowski, Steve R.       do          C-1821785
Ross, William Forrest       do          A-370643
Rough, George       do          A-3121754
Rowe, Phillip       do          A-1066427
Ruhland, John       do          A-1154941
Rumage, DeForest       do          C-2144523
Ryan, Jeremiah F.       do          A-3926665
Ryan, Paul A.       do          A-612885
Sacks, Jacob       do          A-3601065
Savant, Ernest J. Signature C-2215299
Scanland, Owen Fingerprinted C-2197458
Schadt, Justus       do          C-1781034
Schroeder, Wm. Geo.       do          A-64186
Schwartz, Louis N. Fingerprinted-no records C-2375501
Scoggins, Gus L. Fingerprinted A-2223643
Scott, Loring Fingerprinted-no records- blank
Seible, J.H. Fingerprinted C-319922
Senison, George       do          blank
Sharp, Robert Anthony       do          C-1035591
Shaw, Frank       do          C-1881500
Shea, James T.       do          A-4195241
Shepherd, T.V.       do          A-3961491
Shockley, Lester       do          A-206886
Shropshire, Luther Hospitalized C-1820573
Silve, William I. Fingerprinted C-1470354
Simond, Frank H.       do          C-1802081
Sims, Odell Herbert       do          blank
Singleton, Eugene H.       do          C-2304808
Sipes, John W.       do          C-1847664
Skularicos, John       do          C-2020175
Smith, George       do          C-1812283
Smith, Harry       do          C-804086
Smith, Richard L.       do          A-1889041
Smith, Robert L.       do          C-791137
Smith, Walter       do          C-1694035
Smith, Walter P.       do          blank
Snyder, Frederick L       do          C-1755052
Soweby, George S.       do          C-1577847
Stalnaker, H.H.       do          C-107370
Stanton, Patrick Harry       do          C-1420404
Story, John       do          C-2091832
Suits, J.W.       do          C-2026667
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Sullivan, Robert       do          C-408412
Sutton, Irwin C.       do          C-1273050
Tallent, Clarence       do          C-370515
Tapp, Morris       do          C-1099242
Taylor, Jacob Wesley       do          A-2552333
Terry, William W.       do          C-2582320
Thillman, Albert       do          C-1627215
Thompson, Edward       do          C-1051548
Thompson, Oliver       do          C-1593459
Thompson, William R.       do          C-176591
Tiller, Thomas Edward       do          C-1379591
Tischenback, Frank R.       do          C-1712297
Todd, James Bennett       do          C-1086039
Towles, John William       do          C-2294473
Trafka, Walter J.       do          C-1373005
Trombetta, Joseph F.       do          A-4295880
Tucker, Nathan       do          C-1998149
Varnell, Henry G.       do          A-1150403
Vasakosky, Frank J.       do          C-1476461
Vaughan, William G.       do          C-1578401
Veal, Toulmine       do          C-1343528
Volyes, Phillip Vance       do          C-2152220
Wall, James A.       do          A-1751971
Walsh, John       do          A-4402633
Walter, Alexander       do          A-4402633
Walukeavage, William  F.E.R.A.report A-3239072
Warfield, James Temple Fingerprinted A-169952
Wark, Samuel       do          C-832740
Warren, William Arthur       do          A-4011001
Watson, Bonner P. Correspondence C-1658182
Webb, Gordon V. Fingerprinted C-1385451
Wells, Luther       do          A-4110823
White, Fred B.       do          C-1587754
White, Harold P.       do
White, Nelson M Fingerprinted butt no record  blank
Whittaker, Raymond Fingerprinted C-1412142
Widmeyer, G.A.       do          C-1093425
Wiemann, William J       do          blank
Willis, Clarence A.       do          C-1468438
Wilshere, Herbert S.       do          A-3357383
Wojtkiewiez, Joseph F.       do          C-1814070
Wynne, Osgood C.       do          C-1447972
Zwalesky, W. D.       do          A-3699559
Walker, Hobart Adjusted-compensation record A-609374?
End of Vets List Number 2 - Living - Positive Identification.
     The 'C or A number' is NOT their Army serial number and are numbers used by the Veterans Administration.. "A" = an Adjusted Service Claim Number. "C" = the V.A. Claim number for survivors. "XC" = V.A. Claim number for deceased.  I am not certain what the "S" and "T" numbers indicate.
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