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   Compilation date = May 30, 2010

       Below is a list of World War One Veterans who were working in the Keys and whom were tentatively identified as dead in the 1935 Hurricane as published in  the FLORIDA HURRICANE DISASTER Hearings on page 391.
     The 'C or A number' is NOT their Army serial number and are numbers used by the Veterans Administration.. "A" = an Adjusted Service Claim Number. "C" = the V.A. Claim number for survivors. "XC" = V.A. Claim number for deceased.  I am not certain what the "S" and "T" numbers indicate.

 List No. 4 - Dead - Identification tentative - follows.
Page 400   Florida Hurricane Disaster
List  No. 4. - Dead-Identification tentative
NAME C. OR A. number
Barnes, Roy E. A-4394901
Bently, Edward F. A-394390
Bott, Charles H. C-1156000
Bouquet, Arthur J. C-2016525
Boyles, Marcus (M. W.) C-2032387
Brady, Richard A. C-602567
Clark, Fred XC-944077
Crockford, Harold W. C-514392
Davis, Michael B. XC-1903070
French, John L. XC-712716
Genomi, William A. XC-1909134
Guzoski, C. XC-1062080
Harrell, Geoge G. C-1535526
Jensen, Charles B. XC-945454
Jones, G. A.  C-326201
Keith, Frank G. ?
Kochersperger, J. C-773097
Langrehr, Charles R A-1916256
Lavender, Rufus N. C-1536871
Lawson, R. E.  C-1425678
Lewis, J. J.  C-2034909
McAlister, D. A-4365927
McDonald, Lee ?
Martin, Floyd A. C-1695838
Meredith, Dilbert M. ?
Moran, John C-589270
Murtha, William E.  A-3884473
Parliewicz, Peter A-1572000
Perry, D.D. C-2088815
Phillips, W. M. A-445913
Porter, William W. X-1601132
Quinn, Edward P. ?
Rains, George Edward C-595807
Renswick, E.H. XC-1713682
Rice, Harold V. C-1880548
Rodeheaver, C.S. C-1386046
Scales, Alfred C-2008520
Selenack, Michael A-3163842
Sherlock, Joseph A-4562218
Shoop, Cyrus M. A-2792711
Stocklager, E. E. A-2821881
Veile, Stewart  ?
Warman, S. C-2032370
Zavash, V. A-2055617
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