Hurricanes Case
The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane Shelf.
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- What was left standing? -

     What physical remains of the hurricane still remain? One structure is the Rustic Inn which was operated by Mr. O. D. King. Today it is the Green Turtle Inn at MM 81. 
     Not easily seen in the debris is the Leo Johnson house in the upper center of the above photo. This was cropped out of the following photo and enlarged. The house was built by P. L. Wilson, a railroad construction engineer. Crossing at an angle in front of the house is De Leon Avenue. It is a private residence today at MM 82.8.
     The Leo Johnson house is in the upper left. The Australian pines lead us across the track on De Leon Avenue to the white space where the railroad depot once stood. At the lower center stands locomotive number 447. It had backed down so it could change ends with the cars and use its headlight to see to leave the Keys.
     Had the above photo shown another inch to the right (east), the post office remains could have been seen.  In the foreground is De Leon Avenue. Only the concrete foundation remains today at MM  82.8.
     The Matecumbe Methodist Church parsonage floated onto highway, State Road 4A. It was removed and later burned.
     Many took refuge in the lower floor of the Matecumbe Hotel the day after the hurricane. It was torn down and a business is on the site today at about MM 81.3. The Mile Marker 81 area is at or above 12 feet elevation.
     Above is an aerial of the MM 81 area. The Matecumbe Hotel is center-left. The Pinderville homes were mostly on the Atlantic beach shown in the upper part of the photo, including the aforementioned "row of houses." Click and expand this image and evaluate yourself. 
     The about to be commissioned water tanks withstood the hurricane. They were to be accepted from the contractor on Tuesday, September 3, 1935. Residences of the Toll Gate Shores subdivision occupy the FERA Veteran's Camp 3 area today.

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