Florida Keys Bottles Shelf
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A great example of a large mouth-blown bottle.

Large pottery jars as this were popular aboard ships.

Another example having survived considerable time in the ocean.

Black glass was usually created by adding iron slag. This made it one of the cheaper methods and was popular for commercial use.

The bottoms of the above bottles are recessed, said to have a "kick." The kick makes them stronger and they set level easier. The kick was usually done by pushing in on the pontil while the glass was still very hot.

These almost square with tapered sides are generally referred to as case gin bottles and are usually of dark color. Some have seals denoting the manufacturer or user.

A close up view of the seal on the center bottle above. The company was a Belgium distillery formed by two brothers in 1843.

Another commonly found bottle aboard ships were the torpedos. They were strong and could withstand pressures from fermentation or soda.

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