Vintage  Keys Letters and Articles
By Jerry Wilkinson
[Comments as well as additional documentation, photos, etc. can be sent to: or 305.852.1620]
      The below are miscellaneous letters, articles, printed material, etc. that I do not consider stand-alone web pages, but are included in web pages as supporting material links. Some may be only fragments of documents, I consider worthy to contribute to building Upper Keys history. At the moment they are in no particular order.

- Curtis Pinder, former Key Largo resident, Miami Herald article -Click here.

- Benjamin Russell, Early Key Largo resident, family account -  Click Here.

- Indian Key vintage military letters - Click Here.

- Indian Key vintage letters from civilians including Charles Howe, Goodyear family, etc.- Click Here.

- U.S. Navy letters concerning the lease of Indian Key - Click Here.





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