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Compilation date = June 10, 2010

           The 'V.A. Claim number' is NOT their Army serial number and are numbers used by the Veterans Administration.. "A" = an Adjusted Service Claim Number. "C" = the V.A. Claim number for survivors. "XC" = V.A. Claim number for deceased.  I am not certain what the "S" and "T" numbers indicate.

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List No. 2 - Living - Identification Positive
Name Method of  identification V.A. Claim #
Africa, Quentin Fingerprinted A-1232380
Akers, Ernest II       do           A-2520191
Allen, L.D.       do          C-17226
Anderson, Esrom A.       do          C-552877
Anderson, James       do          C-2150315
Arnold, Omer H       do          C-2005194
Alslesen, Thomas Karl A       do          A-3866481
Austin, Charles R       do          blank
Aycock, Roy Wilson       do          C-191361
Aycock, William Dillard       do          C-2-170
Bailey, Chester A.       do          C-1098615
Baker, Harry W.       do          C-592763
Bako, Frank Lawrence       do          A-615192
Ballas, Frank M       do          C-2069351
Barber, George Daniel       do          C-1321191
Barrett, Walter F.       do          C-1453269
Baughman, Frank R.       do          C-2165555
Beck, Harry       do          A-2730576
Belk, William S.       do          C-1167067
Belote, Ernest C.       do          C-2200783
Benson, Frank H.F.       do          C-1262428
Benson, Leroy B.       do          C-1235802
Berchem, Charles       do          A-546286
Bertrand, L.A.       do          A-2570654
Bischweitz, Walter Joseph        do          C-1888759
Blair, William M.       do          A-3329931
Boatmen, Edgar       do          C-1995875
Bommer, Fred Jr.       do          C-2119715
Bonner, Francis C.       do          C-1812137
Boswell, W.A.       do          C-2031715
Botto, John Baptist       do          blank
Bowen, James E.       do          blank
Boyle, Frank       do          A-2822500
Boyle, William J.       do          A-4324309
Bradfield, Burwell L.       do          A-3758333
Bradley, Dennis J.       do          C-1576489
Brady, Edward E.       do          C-1361996
Brannon, Clyde       do          C-1097536
Brewer, David Clifford       do          C-552120
Bridges, Ellis H.       do          C-1336165
Brody, Charlesk John       do          C-2044276
Brown, Arthur       do          A-4499602
Brown, Claude W.       do          C-1160379
Bryant, Jessie       do          C-1888214
Bryant, John F.       do          C-1584296?
Buck, Elbert S.       do          C-2240224
Buckinger, Edward A.       do          C-490118
Burke, James M.       do          A-3685876
Butts, J.E.       do          C-901034
Byers, Dexter V.       do          A-2442808
Byrnes, Gomer E. Correspondence C-227244
Carey, John H. Fingerprinted A-1309386
Carlon, Phippip       do          A-4534030
Carls, Robert       do          A-3821761
Carlson, Martin William       do          C-1381163
Carter, Harry       do          C-2077835
Cash, Ervine L. Testimony blank
Cawthon, Wilbur D. Fingerprinted blank
Chambers, Willis Meredith       do          C-2241162
Chandler, Robert B.       do          C-154940
Chatham, George Dewey       do          blank
Cheslock, Michael J.       do          C-1149068
Clarkson, John C.       do          C-1757232
Clements, Walter       do          C-1481730
Clifford, John T.       do          C-1803594
Cole, Julius Edwin       do          C-1385058
Condry, Martin Michael       do          C-2044611
Conrad, Thos William       do          A-4631692
Conway, John A.       do          C-1994931
Cook, Joseph       do          C-2170472
Coppejan, Peter       do          A-242295
Coughlin, Peter P.       do          C-2200869
Coward, Ben       do          C-1088058
Cox, John       do          A-4595702
Coyle, Kenneth L.       do          A-2289249
Craft,E. Elbert       do          C-553626
Cress, Fred E.       do          C-2157863
Cristie, A.       do          blank
Cummings, William Thomas       do          A-4623861
Cunningham, Eugene E.       do          C-2030828
Cunningham, J.J       do          C-706933
Cross, James Correspondence C-1732180
Cunningham, Leonard R. Fingerprinted A-3530038
Cushman, Harry James       do          A-2974810
Cuthbertson, Ernest M.       do          C-40527
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