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   Compilation date = June 10, 2010
List of WW-1 Veterans surviving the 1935 Hurricanes continued.
The 'C or A number' is NOT their Army serial number and are numbers used by the Veterans Administration.. "A" = an Adjusted Service Claim Number. "C" = the V.A. Claim number for survivors. "XC" = V.A. Claim number for deceased.  I am not certain what the "S" and "T" numbers indicate.
Last names D to H
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Method of  identification  
C or A number
Darty, Elmer  Fingerprinted      
Davis, Albert V. Fingerprinted-  no records. C2272391
Davis, Archie J.  Fingerprinted A-3391650
Davis, J.A.       do          A-2608067
Davis, Stanley Joseph       do          C-2168244
Delong, Forest V.       do          C-475288
Dempsey, Alexander L. Personal interview C-1452722
Di Francesco, John Fingerprinted C-2200784
Dimitroff, Mike       do          A-1031934
Dombravski, John D.       do          C-2200831
Donahue, Peter J.       do          A-4531623
Downs, Joseph Michael       do          C-2178454
Drybread, George       do C-2241127
Dube, Frank A.       do          C-1776097
Eagan, Charles Patrick       do          C-1599614
Earle, James Francis       do          C-1471469
Early, Thomas P       do          C-2017931
Edgar, Frank       do          C-1590772
Edwards, Clarence Burton       do          C-1123490
Edwards, Joe E.       do          C-322948
Edwards, Van Shaw       do          C-1341278
Einsig, Charles M.       do          A-4541364
Ellis, Arthur       do          A-1423642
Endicott, Byron       do          C-1779844
Esau, Wadie       do          C-1724297
Evans, Edward B. Testimony C-1378203
Everett, Lloyd Fingerprinted-no records. C-1255206
Fahey, John P. Fingerprinted A-3068946
Fallon, John ?       do          A-2459783
Farris, Charles        do          A-3724157
Fatten, Peter       do          C-309084
Fecteau, Joseph F.N.       do          C-2108344
Ferguson, Hester       do          A-3301093
Fischer, John H. ?       do          A-2182734
Fitchett, Lloyd R.       do          C-159102
Fitzgerald, M.F. F.E.R.A. report      A-3453011
Fleming, John       do          C-1522658
Flow, Arnold B.       do          C-2200781
Ford, John H.       do          C-1115517
Fox, Abraham       do          C-1948812
Fox, Earl L.       do          C-1374484
Frazier, Alexander       do          C-883583
Freese, Walter W.       do          A-1829293
French, Monte F.       do          C-1422402
Friend, Robert D.       do          C-1871509
Frost, William H.       do          C-1067218
Gaines, Hugh       do          A-4420793
Gallagher, George Fingerprinted-no records.  A-4664336
Gallagher, Thomas Fingerprinter C-600633?
Gaskins, Harry       do          C-1999519
Gazley, James C. ?       do          C-1392936
Gilbert, Reginald B. Fingerprinted - no records   C-635364
Gillis, John James Fingerprinted A-2508456
Glenn, Raymond W.       do          C-907545
Glisson, Haywood R.       do          C-1691353
Goodman, Virgil C.       do          C-2013161
Gormley, T.P.       do          C-2016604
Gornay, Walter        do          A-3196717
Gottlieb, Lester C.       do          A-3693234
Goulding, William Albert, Jr
      do          T-4755507
Grant, Edward       do          C-887867
Griffin, O.D.       do          A-1600712
Griffin, Peter       do          C-1553387
Grimes, Russell Ersel       do          C-1880431
Grubbs, Arlo       do          A-3425020
Guncheon, Clifford       do          C-375365
Hagan, William B. Fingerprinted C-1382509
Hanley, Edward Joseph       do          C-2166642
Hanley, James          do          A-4329949
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Harrell, Thomas B Fingerprinted C-546757
Harris, Carl       do          C-1483049
Harris, Paul       do          C-1424908
Harrison, George M       do          C-1578002
Harrod, Frank David       do          C-1747769
Harvey, James Lewis       do          C-2033506
Harwood, Willard Garland       do          C-2282083
Hatcher, Ira       do          C-2200860
Hatfield, John L       do          C-1918115
Hayes, Daniel       do          C-464112
Heckman, John T.       do          A-15162
Heintz, Frederick L.       do          C-36913
Hellman, William A.       do          A-4653450
Hendren, William M.       do          T-4208792
Herbert, Jacob S.       do          C-2200809
Hickey, James H.       do          C-526669
Hicks, Beecher       do          C-655725
Higgins, Frank James       do          C-115774
Hill, George T.       do          C-1656778
Hillard, John H.       do          C-1732630
Hogan, Maurice Francis       do          C-2015812
Hohman, George Edward       do          A-3006579
Honor, Joseph       do          C-1061758
Horranko, Joseph       do          T-4669944
Horton, Leone F.       do          C-2017275
Howard, Patrick       do          C-2200973
Howell, Thomas Hospitalization C-2079750
Huffman, Jackson M Fingerprinted C-1316766
Huggins, John F.       do          A-3918309
Hughes, John       do          C-1025967
Hunt, Frank T.       do          A-2057324
Hurley, Rob R.       do          C-1860122?
Hynes, William J.       do          A-4333034
Hytte, Arbie       do          C-17566013
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