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   Compilation date = June 10, 2010

      List of WW-1 Veterans surviving the 1935 Hurricanes continued:
Last names beginning  with I to N.
     Note: The 'C or A number' is NOT their Army serial number and are numbers used by the Veterans Administration.. "A" = an Adjusted Service Claim Number. "C" = the V.A. Claim number for survivors. "XC" = V.A. Claim number for deceased.  I am not certain what the "S" and "T" numbers indicate.
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Method of  identification  
C or A number
Ingham, Alfred  Fingerprinted      
Irvine, Lester Correspondence A-4572888
Irwin, William E. Fingerprinted C-1628400
Jacobs, David Edward       do          C-1092160
Jacobs, Thomas J       do          C-2199556
Jacobson, William E.       do          A-3413965
Jalonese, James       do          C-319258
Jamison, G.W. Testimony A-4194163
Jerrell, Mellon Fingerprinted C-1559986
Jederick, Joseph       do          A-202   01
Johns,A. Dayton       do          A-2458606?
Johnson, Robert C.       do          C-2144347
Johnson, C.E.       do          S-1549073
Johnstone, Charles L.       do          C-1343634
Jones, H.L.       do          C-2198447
Jordon, Percy       do          A-3012710
Kahn,Charles       do          A-1141915
Kamp, Edward A.       do          S-6408279
Karcher, Frank J .       do          A-1786344
Kardell, Karl H.       do          C-1491636
Kawaski, C.        do          blank
Kearney, Ike F. F.E.R.A. report      C-1307389
Keith, Albert C. Fingerprinted C-602622
Kelly, Hugh Jospeh       do          C-2200794
Kelly, William       do          A-2396986
Kerns, Hamilton F.       do          blank
King, Charles E.       do          C-305140
King, James Lawrence       do          A-1785269
Klause, Frank       do          C-1169279
Klien, William       do          A-3210543
Klock, W.H.       do          C-1380664
Knabel, Henry       do          C-1460584
Knox, William       do          C-1360900
Knowles, William Lee       do          C-1702776
Kobel, Stanley       do          C-1516179
Kohin, William       do          C-81387
Krause, Gus H.       do          C-1448549
Kringer, Anthony       do          C-1750612
Kubiak, John J.       do          C-2041054
Kyte, L.D.       do          C-2094879
Lacour, Raoul L.       do          C-2198774
Laitich, Frank       do          A-3477913
Lamsargis, Joe Ambroz       do          A-1351358
Langlois, Harold S. Hospitalization blank
Lannon, Thomas Francis fingerprinted C-1922246
Lapinski, Tony       do          C-186938
Larkin, Peter J. Fingerprinted C-2145471
Larsen, Peter C.       do          A-1905179
Lavett, Edward R.       do          blank
Layman, Ray E.       do          C-1500494
Lederer, W.       do          C-235180
Lennon, James       do          C-1764725
Le Preux, Raleigh       do          C-1580005
Lester, Roy       do          C-2218244
Linawik, Gus C.       do          C-1528199
Lindley, J.B. Hospitalized C-1932467
Long, Clarence N. Fingerprinted C-1340057
Lowe, L. H. Affidavit C-1584290
Lowkis, Eugene Fingerprinted C-899818
Lydon, John Joseph       do          C-1640901
Lydon, Joseph M.       do          C-1018792
Lynch, Jeremiah       do          A-337505
McAuley, Ernest W.       do          C-2200848
McCabe, John Goldman       do          A-246252
McCain, Clyde Hescal       do          T-4867935
McClearly, Charles       do          A-4125849
McClintie, French E.       do          A-1136056
McCloskey, Thomas F.       do          C-1504833
McComb, Everett A.       do          C-1849426
McDaniel, Hiram C.       do          C-1802461
McDermott, Michael       do          C-2022166
McDonald, Jay       do          A-3146042
McDonough, Francis J.       do          A-396856
McGeady, Joseph F.       do          A-3877185
McGuire, Arthur       do          A-3952926
McLean, James D.       do          A-257209
McMannus, Arthur A.       do          C-1708805
McMullen, Leroy J.       do          A-2688882
McNulty, John F.       do          C-466761
McPherson, Robert J       do          C-2456583
Machado, Anthony L       do          C-1850337
MacNamara, Leo W       do          C-1074272
Magrady, Chas. B.       do          A-1639796
Mahoney, Edward J.       do          C-1865506
Mallon, John J.       do          C-701395
Maloney, George A.
Martin, Turner K.       do          C-2142411
Maxwell, Earnie E.       do          C-1330287
Mayhew, Chas.       do          C-3160709
Meade, Arbie       do          C-4387186?
Medlin, Oscar R.       do          A-1953378
Mewshaw, Arthur William Fingerprinted- unable to identify. A-548850
McAdams, Jos. R. Correspondence C-220383
Meyers, Francis L. Fingerprinted C-158522
Miller, E.W. Testimony C-672912
Miller, Junius C. Fingerprinted C-136796
Miller, Lawrence M.       do          A-4656031
Mills, Allen       do          C-2023994
Mohr,.Phillip A.       do          C-2535930
Moran, Leo A.       do          C-1885405
Morley,Clarence L.       do          C-2034904
Morris, James F.E.R.A. report      A-4067183
Morris, John L. Fingerprinted C-559370
Morris, M.Hollis Fingerprinted, unable to identify  blank
Morris,Owen H. Fingerprinted C-1089960
Morrison, James C.       do          C-1540080
Morrison, James P.       do          S-6076479
Morrow, William James       do          C-2-29714
Mulholland, Hubert A       do          C-2200774
Mullaney, Edward       do          A-2060108
Mullen, James M.       do          C-311235
Mundelle, Joseph T       do          A-3229013
Murphy, John J. F.E.R.A. report      A-1205883
Murphy, R.H. Testimony blank
Murray, Henry Leonard Fingerprinted C-242858
Myers, Benjamin       do          A-3571912
Nabal,Ernest       do          A-3880202
Napier, E.H.       do          C-1151078
Nash, Thomas Joseph       do          C-205137
Nee, Michael J.       do          C-1004290?
Nealy, Vernon G.       do          C-1321037
Nibouar, John       do          A-615697
Nichols, Robert       do          C-1887632
Nonnenman, Jacob       do          C-2200795
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Novvich, Mike Correspondence C-1595151
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