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   Compilation date = May 30, 2010
Below is a list of World War One Veterans which were positively identified as dead in the 1935 Hurricane as published in  the FLORIDA HURRICANE DISASTER Hearings on page 391  before the:
H.R. 9486
[And online edition of H.R. 9486 is being prepared. If interested the URL is: http://um.bookprep.com/read/mdp.39015049888574?rb=y#sPage=2_mode=1]
     There are five Veteran lists total in H.R. 9486 of which list number 1 - Dead - Positive identification -. List number 2 - Living - Positive identification is not included here. List number 3 - Missing - No information - is immediately below. List 4 - Dead - Identification tentative  - are on another page. Therefore, one must search lists nos. 1, 3 and 4 to be certain as one can be. List number 5 - Living - Identification tentative also is not included here. Suggest you try the web site listed above - the list of the Living begins on page 393. Civilians dead and alive are listed separately.
      The 'C or A number' is NOT their Army serial number and are numbers used by the Veterans Administration.. "A" = an Adjusted Service Claim Number. "C" = the V.A. Claim number for survivors. "XC" = V.A. Claim number for deceased.  I am not certain what the "S" and "T" numbers indicate.

List No. 3 - Missing - No information -.
(These were assumed to be dead.)
Page 398

NAME ADDRESS C. or A. number
Ambrose, John H Baton Rouge, La. A-65885
Anderson, Roy H. Clinton, S.C. A-4312377
Barker, Frank Newark, N.J. C-1885992
Blaylock, James W. Chattanoga, Tenn. C-1535179
Bohnis, James T. Newark, N.J. C-1387483
Broderick, I. Troy, N.Y. C-1714391
Brown, Paul Redding, Calif. C-1270686
Burrows, Harry Parson, Kans. C-1845100
Caisse, Joseph Chicago, Ill. C-1484671
Chickle, Joseph Erie, Pa. C-1350132
Clapp, Winter I. Graham, N.C. A-257281
Clarens, Harry F. Jr. Batavia, N.Y. XC-2085753
Clemons, Robert I. Tampa, Fla. XC-2085753
Conner, Eugene H. Johnson City, Tenn. C-1818507
Conroy, John J. Washington, D.C. A-2842784
Cox, George Trenton, N.J.
Dane, Roy Elmira, N.Y. C-1883622
Davis, Frank S. Oklahoma City, Olka. C-1883622
Davis, Robert H. Princeton, W. Va. XC-1996781
Davis, William A.   Winnsboro, S.C. C-1733786
Dew, John H. New York, N.Y. C-2089061
Dodgins, Willie Phoebus, Va. C-1386070
Duran, Herbert W. Dayton, Ohio C-2140889
Emerson, Sam Sweetwater, Tenn. XC-880628
Fitzgerald, John Dorchester, Mass XC-580628
Fogarty, Leo Chicago, Ill. C-1006112
Galloway, Joe E. Mayfield, Ky. C-1962532
Granfield, William T. Bath, N.Y. C-1591202
Gray, Eugene G. Washington, D.C. A-1591202
Green, Dewey E. Grottoes, Va. C-285356
Grimoch, Stanley Dayton, Ohio C-1606374
Hardych, George H. Chester, Pa. A-4202962
Hilton, Mark O. Johnson City, Tenn. C-1155317
Holmes, Arthur F. Tuscaloosa, Ala. C-1850005
Jewett, Everard C. Washington, D.C. A-4651743
Johns, Emil M. Tampa, Fla. C-318116
Johnson, James A. New York, N.Y. C-819671
Jolien, Peter John New Bedford, Mass. C-2183891
Kaminiski, Frank Dayton, Ohio C-2025006
Koshula, Michael Washington, D.C. A-4629379
Larney, Leo J. Bath, N.Y. A-340285
Lee, C. E. New York N.Y. C-1059914
Letson, Harrison A. New York, N.Y. A-513565
Long, George W. Danville, Va. A-3948212
Long, Regan N. Dayton, Ohio C-1193821
Lukr, Steve New York, N.Y. A-4629649
Lunny, Thomas G. Waltham, Mass. A-561120
McConlogue, James H. New York, N.Y. C-1887512
McCord, Henry Carroll Comstock, N.J. A-479106
McCuin, A.H. ? T-4810315
Magiley, Fred J. Newport News, Va. T-4599857
Mahoney, Leo F. Baltimore, Md. A-3039928
Matthais, Thomas Sandusky, Ohio C-463220
Maupin, Sheridan Lexington, Ky. C-404032
Meyers, E. J. New York N.Y. XC-942567
Mitchell, Jos. E. Los Angeles, Calif. C-409316
O'Brian, Richard S. New York, N.Y. XC-945379
O'Donnell, Wm. M. Charlestown, Mass. C-1785615
Oldham, John H. Washington, D.C. C-1705961
Paschalis, Stephanos Washington, D.C. C-1581576
Pennsyl, Henry H. Altoona, Pa. A-2648383
Pitts, Joseph Wm. Columbus, Ga. C-1905826
Proctor, Arthur L. Cedar Cove, W. Va. A-3204897
Proulz, Hermanansgilde Newark, N.J. C-2261743
Reilly, Patrick F. Buffalo, N.Y. A-3918197
Remington, Harry F. Kansas City, Ms. A-377225
Rhodes, Clinton W. Philidelphia, Pa. C-1603997
Rice, Frank St. Louis, Mo. C-1639247
Richardson, David J. Baltimore, Md. C-1086618
Sauter, Herman New York, N.Y. C-658518
Scott, Allie T. Chapel Hill, N.C. C-1797657
Scott, Maurice New York, N.Y. A-4629088
Slager, Chas. M. Jacksonville, Fla. A-4659347
Smith, Frank J. Worden, Wash. A-2111852
Smith, John B. Johnson City, Tenn. C-2199163
Smith, Louis Baltimore, Md. A-618205
Steppits, Joseph Pittsburgh, Pa. C-2-338865 [sic]
St. John, Wm. P. Lynchburg, Va. T-4745367
Taylor, B. H. McLean, Pa. A-61647
Turner, W.H. Washington, D.C. C-1797523
Walters, Lawrence W. Baltimore, Md. A-2825919
Warren, Ernest Dayton, Ohio C-1202668
Washington Roy E. ? C-576453
Webb, Nevel P. ? A-3914231
Webster, Clifford G. Phoenix City, Ala. XC-2196968
Weimer, Hiram Johnson City, Tenn. C-2092819
White, Fred H. Dayton, Ohio C-1581832
Woodward, Dora B. Ashland, Ky. C-2072995
Williams, Harry S. Putmansville, Vt. A-1340085

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