Comprehensive History of Indian Key.
These pages by Jerry Wilkinson
      These pages will contain multiple elements of the documented history of Indian Key. The following is an index so you may select or follow a tour established by me. Options will be at the bottom of each page.
      It will be confusing at first and will get little less as we go along. There will be images, letters, and plain editorializing text. For a long but elementary history of Indian Key a reading of the three pages of "General History of Indian Key" is sufficient. The serious student should go through the tour, then print out selective pages for scrutiny and then study specific areas if interest selected from the index below. As every printer is different making two matching pages of the Indian massacre events may be difficult. They are set to be printed 8.5x10 inch as a portrait. I welcome some volunteer graphic artist to e-mail me a good rendition.
      Some of the images are amateurish as I am not a graphic artist, but the content should be there. If not, please e-mail me and I will gradually update the pages.
Jerry Wilkinson.
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Index to individual pages:
 General History of Indian Key
 Sketch of 1840 Indian Key 
 1733 Spanish Ship Wreck info
 1967 map of the Indian Key area.
 1978 map with distance scale.
Maps of Indian Key and discuss Tropical Hotel
 Author's version of the Massacre
 Massacre according to Hester Perrine, 1840
Massacre according to Sarah Palmer Walker, 1925
Niles Register article of massacre, 1840
 Indian Key family genealogies
 Brief history of Indian Key Militia Company B
 List of early Indian Key property transactions
 Short biography of Dr. Henry Perrine
 Biography of Dr. Henry E. Perrine
 Biography of Lt. Thomas McLaughlin
 1840 Navy lease letters
  Biography of Charles Howe
 Biography of Jacob Housman
Brief biography of Richard Fitzpatrick
 History of the Seminoles Indians
 General Upper Keys Map
 History of Wrecking
 Civilian letters from Indian Key
 Military letters about Indian Key
Camp Bell Hospital letters, 1857
 Antonio Gomez and Indian Key
 Caryfort Lighthouse letters
 Smith Mowry letter of 1856
History of the Spanish 1733 Shipwrecks
 Miscellaneous newspaper articles - 1835
 Jacob Housman according to E.Z.C. Judson, 1845
 Fletcher affidavit of early Indian Key, 1835
 Perrine family thank-you card, 1840
 Civil War ship Indian, 1860s
 Civil War ship Wanderer, 1860s
 Dr. Strobel at Indian Key
 John James Audubon at Indian Key
 Dr. Waterhouse at Indian Key
 William Hackley diary of Indian Key visit
 Selection of eclectic snaphots
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